RoomKeyPMS Update - August 21, 2019

Tweaks and Defects

  1. When the clerk posts a payment or charge in the system, the posting time was taken from the clerk computer; this caused issues if the clerks computer was set to a different Time Zone than the property Time Zone.  In this release, the posting time on payments and charges will be based on the property Time Zone
  2. When checking out a reservation and using the "City Ledger Transfer" transaction code => if the clerk did not select a City Account, the transfer would post as a payment instead => in this release, the clerk will receive a warning message should they not select a City Ledger Account
  3. If a reservation had multiple charges on Folio 1 and moved one of those charges to another folio => the clerk was unable to move the charge back to Folio 1 => this has been fixed so that if a transaction is moved from one folio to another, the clerk will be able to transfer back to the original folio
  4. When checking out a guest with multiple folios, in some instances the payment made on one of the folios would post to folio 0, instead of the intended folio for payment
  5. Through the GDS/IDS Booking Engines, the state field is usually populated by 2-character codes but for Australia, they are sending 3-character code; the system will now properly use these codes, when it is an Australian address
  6. Reports => Statistics => Room Occupancy and Revenue Report => some properties were experiencing the following error message: " is not a valid floating point value" => issue has been identified and resolved
  7. When Hide Rate is selected on a Rate Plan in Rate Wizard and the Room Charge is on Folio 8 => if the clerk selects to print all folios on a reservation, the 8 folio will not print (this was changed to match what is happening when Client Type Hide Rate is used)
  8. In BI Reporting => Statistics => Corporate => when exporting the Summary format, some properties were getting the following error message: "Invalid column name 'name'."; This column issue has been resolved.
  9. For properties using, number of children will now be captured from the reservation message and appear on the reservation in the system
  10. Reports => Statistics => Daily Operating Report => on the Rooms Occupied by Room Charge section, this year's MTD column amounts are displaying last year's MTD column amounts => this has been fixed
  11. Reports =>Financial => Journal Entry => the report would only print to computer's default printer, this has been fixed so that if the user selects a different printer than the default printer, the report will print to the newly selected printer
  12. In Report Wizard, the print default was set to A4, this has been updated to letter size by default
  13. On the Transaction Register Balance => any payment made on City Ledger, will now reference the Payment Id; this will allow the user to search in City Ledger based on that ID (the "C" on the Transaction Register Balance stands for "City Ledger")