RoomKeyPMS Update - September 24, 2019

RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Tweaks and Defects

  1. In version, users we unable to move the login screen dialog box; in version, this can now be moved
  2. Embedded web browser for Profile Match & Merge, Housekeeping Scheduler, and RoomKeyPMS Payments Credit Card Reconciliation has been updated to address browser display bugs
  3. For properties with Heartland and Merchantlink integrations, when processing transactions => if transaction was declined, it was showing "Approved" on the receipt but was actually Declined in the system.  This has been addressed, so that the receipt will now reflect the decline.
  4. On the Inventory Calendar, when selecting the shortcut drop down for year, the user could only go as far as 2019; in which case, they would have to use the arrows to move one year at a time.  The shortcut for jumping to a year, has now been updated to 2034
  5. When using Advance Search => as long as user stays logged in => RK will save the results of the last search performed => in version, the advance search no longer saved the results when re-loading the Advance Search form => in version, RK will once again save that last search results
  6. When Room Types are inactivated, the Revenue on Reports => Statistics => Segmentation Report, was not being included; report has been fixed to count the historical revenue of inactivated Room Types