RoomKeyPMS Update - November 13, 2019


RoomKeyPMS Payments - Handling Insufficient Funds

RoomKeyPMS Payments now handles partial authorizations on Payments/Settlements (not available on pre-auth).  When property is trying to process an amount greater than the amount that is available on the guest card, the Payment integration will now return the amount that is available on the card and give the clerk the option to accept or reverse/process another form of payment.  For more information on handling insufficient funds on RoomKeyPMS Payments - CLICK HERE

RoomKeyPMS Payments - Handling Debit Transactions

Based on the types of cards that are available in the US, transactions can be processed either as CREDIT or DEBIT transactions;  the pros and cons of running the type of Transaction can depend on a properties particular work flow for handling guests in house. By understanding how CREDIT and DEBIT are processed, a property can make the decision on what is best for their property.  For more information on Handling Debit Transactions WITH RoomKeyPMS Payments - CLICK HERE

Other Enhancements/Updates

  1. For properties using RoomKeyPMS Payments, the Reconciliation Report will now properly save Batch Numbers
  2. Sundry Sales Receipt has now been updated to reflect multiple payments, with multiple references => in relation to Insufficient Funds story
  3. For interface, Multi-Room reservations can now be sent with different guest amounts for each individual reservation => previously, the same number of guests were always sent through
  4. Previously clerks had the ability to post Guest Services to previous days on a reservation => restriction is now in place where Guest Services can only be added for current day and greater
  5. In Transaction Codes => the Tran Subgroup "Cancellation Fee" is designed to be used for charges made to canceled reservations => previously, the system would allow a user to attach a "cancellation fee" Transaction Code to a Guest Service => because Guest Services are used to schedule transactions for non canceled reservations, it made sense to make the change to not allow "cancellation fee" Transaction Codes, to be added to Guest Services
  6. On Expedia interface, better error code translations were put in place to better help identify issues that could be corrected in property configuration
  7. Housekeeping Module will now allow the user to select and unselect "Inspected" filter
  8. When using the Attache Travel Agent shortcut on a reservation => a new filter has been added to help find the correct Travel Agent