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How do I set Cleaning Units (or Credits) for my Attendants?

As many hotels manage Housekeeping labour efforts through the use of Cleaning Credits, the PMS has the ability to assign Cleaning Units to each Attendant.  This process will help with balancing workloads when rooms are assigned for cleaning.

NOTE: The use of Cleaning Units for Attendants and Rooms is completely optional, and is not a required part of the Housekeeping setup. For properties that do not wish to use Cleaning Units for Attendants, simply leave the Attendant's Capacity value set to 0.

Assigning Cleaning Units to Attendants

Assigning Cleaning Units is done on the Team page of the Housekeeping module.  They can be assigned when first adding the Attendant to the team.

  • Click Add Team Member
  • Assign a value to Cleaning Units Per Day
  • Click Apply

If Cleaning Units were not assigned when the Attendant was initially added, it is possible to assign them later by using the Edit function located on the Team page. Cleaning Units may also be adjusted, or removed altogether this way.

  • Click Edit on the desired Team Member
  • Assign a value to Capacity (Units Per Day)
  • Click Save