Generating Guest Folios

On the day of departure for guests, pro-forma guest folios can be generated ahead of time with a zero balance. Zero balance folios can be generated to implement an express check-out option for guests to eliminate the need for stopping at the Front Desk to check-out physically. These zero balance folios can be printed and slipped under the guest room door or e-mailed to guests to receive virtually to review the charges on their bill.

The day of departure, navigate to the Departures screen from the right-hand side menu.

Select any reservation from the Departures list, and click the Guest Folio icon on the top menu bar. Select Zero balance (Express Check-out) to display all folios as if the payment type on file has been settled.

Option 1: Select Yes to print Guest Folios for all Departures.

Option 2: Select No to print the Guest Folio just for the selected Departure.

If selected Yes, all Guest Folios scheduled to depart will be printed. If selected No, you will have the option to either e-mail or generate a preview of the guest folio to be printed. Again, select Zero balance (Express Check-out) before choosing Email or Print.

If selecting Print, a preview of the guest folio will appear on screen. The guest folio is displayed with the payment posted showing a zero balance due to the guest.

Even though the guest folio is displaying a payment and a zero balance, this charge has not yet been processed until triggered by the Front Desk manually and the reservation is checked-out of RoomKeyPMS.

Generating pro-forma invoices for the guest can be integrated in conjunction with any Express Check-out procedures the hotel may wish to implement.