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Purging Guest Profile


One of the options that properties must have available for their clients is the guest's right to have their personal data removed from RoomKeyPMS.  As per standards set forth in GDPR Regulations, the property will have 30 days to fulfill the request.  The exception to the Purge of Personal Data is if it is used for business purposes; in the case of Hotel Reservations, the personal information is needed until such time that the guest in question does not have an active reservation in RoomKeyPMS.

Purge Permission

The following permission must be assigned to the user, prior to performing the Purge: System Configuration => Clerks => under Operations => 1555, Purge Guest Personal Information:

Purge Rules - Active Guest Profile

If a guest has an Active Reservation, the purge cannot be completed; the rules of an active reservation, are as follows:

  1. Guest has a future reservation
  2. Guest has In House reservation
  3. Guest has a reservation with an outstanding balance
  4. Guest has recently checked out - each property will be able to configure the days after checkout that works for their property (see below)

Days After Checkout Configuration

System Configuration => Property => Preferences => Days Profile Purge Allowed After Checkout => special consideration should be given to the fact that the guest's Credit Card will be purged, so properties will want to allow a period to deal with late charges or possible billing disputes:

Performing Purge

Go to Operations => Guest Profile => search for the guest that you wish to Purge => Click on the Purge Button => PLEASE NOTE: Purging cannot be reversed once performed, once the personal information is purged, it is removed from the RoomKey Database:

Should the guest have an active reservation, the system will identify the reservations => special note for chained properties that are set to share guest profiles, the active reservation at each property will be identified:

If the guest has no active reservations, clerk will need to confirm purge by typing PURGE into the pop-up message:

Upon completing the purge, all personal information that would identify the guest will be removed.  Any data that does not identify the specific individual and is used for statistical purposes, will be retained, for example the system will remove the guest's address but retain the City, State/Provence, and Country; these particular fields are used in the Market Feeder Report in RoomKeyPMS and the Statistics => by Area in BI Reports.  For a full detail of what happens to each field on the guest profile, see below:

Checked Out or Cancelled reservations attached to the guest, would appear as follows:

Information Purged

The policy of purging guest data applies to personally identifiable information of the guest, for example, the system will remove address of the guest but will retain the State and Country; this information is kept so that Marketing Reports based on area will not lose their statistics.  Below is a full list of fields and what RoomKeyPMS will do to each field:

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