How Owners Access their OA Statements

The following article explains how the Owner's Monthly Statements can be made viewable and accessible online.

All Owners will need to register in order to view their Statements, or reserve/request their unit online. Owner’s can only register if they have been assigned an email address in OA under Configuration Settings > Owners.

NOTE: Two Owners can share the same email address. When the Owner goes to login, they will have an option of which Owner Account they wish to enter. To register, Owners will go to one of the websites below depending on which server your PMS is located (if you are unsure please contact PMS Support): (East Server) (West Server)

Owner Login Screen

On the first visit to the web-page the Owner must register to gain access to their owner information. Under the user name and password fields they must click on the Register or Forgotten Password link below.

Owner Login Screen

Requesting a Password

The Owner must then enter their email address into field below and select Request Password. A password that corresponds with their email address will be sent to the email account.

Requesting a Password

The Owner will then be notified that their registration was successful and to check their email account for their password.

NOTE: If Owner registration is unsuccessful they will be asked to contact the Property Manager. A registration may be unsuccessful if the email address entered into OA has a spelling error. Ensure correct entries are made into OA before contacting support.

Below is an example of what an owner will see when they login to OA. Along the top are the Statement view screens which we will now review.

Statement Info:

The Statement Info view screen will show the Owner Statement. From this screen:

  • If the owner has several Units, they may use the unit drop down menu in the top left to view the Statement for their other units.
  • The month/year drop down menus in the top left can be used to view Statements from past months/years
  • The Change Property/Owner link can be used for Owners who have Multiple Properties tied to an email address, or Multiple Owners tied to an email address. Click this link allows you to switch between Owners and Properties.
  • The Print Owner Statement link in the top right of the screen can be used to print the owner statement.

Book Reservation:

NOTE: The Book Reservation section is only active if Yes was selected to Allow Owner Bookings in the OA Configuration Settings menu.

When in the Book Reservation section, Owners may select their desired arrival & departure date and then click on Get Availability so they can see if their unit will be available for their selected dates.


If the PMS room setup is a 1:1 ratio (i.e: one guest room number per room type) then the Availability Calendar will update as reservations are booked (it is not necessary to assign a Room Number to the reservation at the time of booking).


Room Type SPB-DD > Room Number 101

Room Type STK-K > Room Number 102

If a SPB-DD room type is booked, since there is only one Room Number assigned to this Room Type (101), then HOA will automatically note Unit 101 as being Unavailable for the dates booked.

However, if the PMS setup is greater then a 1:1 ratio (multiple rooms per room type) then Room Numbers MUST be assigned at the time of booking in order for the Availability Calendar to update appropriately.


Room Type 2QNLS-QQ > Room Numbers 101, 102, 103, 104, etc…

Room Type KNL-K > Room Numbers 201, 202, 203, 204

If a 2QNLS-QQ room type is booked but no room number is assigned, then HOA will not know which unit (101, 102, 103, 104, etc….) is to be marked as Unavailable on the Availability Calendar. Since no room number is assigned, as long as there are rooms available in the 2QNLS-QQ room category, then all units will appear as Available on the Availability Calendar.

If the Owner decides to create a Reservation (or request a Reservation), they must finish filling out the information below, then select the Book button at the top of the screen to proceed with the booking reservation/request.

NOTE: If the Owner selects to make a Guest of Owner booking, they will be prompted to enter the name of their guest. This name will then appear on the reservation when it flows into the PMS.

After an Owner has booked their reservation one of two things will occur:

1. If OA is set up for reservation requests, the reservation status of an owner booking will appear as PENDING when they first make their reservation (see below). This reservation will then flow through to the PMS and will appear under the WAITLIST section.

Once the reservation has been moved from the WAITLIST status in the PMS to an actual reservation, then the Status of the Owner Booking in OA will change to CONFIRMED.

2. If OA is set up for reservations, then the reservation will be automatically created in the Reservations section of the PMS, and will appear under Owner Bookings as being CONFIRMED.

Change Address:

The Change Address section allows the owner to update their contact information online.

Change Password:

The Change Password area allows the Owner to change their password.


The Logout area allows the Owner to Logout of their Owner Account.