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Attaching a Guest Service to a Rate Plan for eRes Mobile Online Booking Engine

The following article reviews how to attach Guest Service(s) to an eRes Rate Plan, so when the Rate Plan is booked on eRes Mobile Online Booking Engine, the Guest Service(s) will be available for the booker to add on to their reservation.

Proceed to System Configuration > Rates.

Select the desired Room Type from the drop down menu, and select the desired Rate Plan in the list below. When choosing the Rate Plan, be sure to choose the Hotel Website version, as this is the one that will be bookable online via the eRes Mobile Booking Engine.

Proceed to the Online Booking Guest Services tab.  All Guest Services that have been set up for the property will be displayed here.

Check the boxes next to the Guest Services to be offered online with the selected Rate Plan.  Use the Select All button to add all services, or check off only the ones that apply.  Once done, click Update to save the selection.

The selected Guest Services have now been added to the CVK Room Type on the Best Available Rate / Hotel Website Rate Plan.

Repeat the above steps for each Room Type on the Rate Plan that these Guest Services need to be applied to online.

Booking Guest Services Online

When booking on eRes Mobile Booking Engine, if the Best Available Rate is selected using the Book Now button:

A box with Add-ons will appear, allowing the booker to choose from a list of available guest services they can add to their reservation. Some may have associated charges, whereas others may simply be guest preference requests. The guest can place a check next the service they wish to add, and click Add Add-on(s) to Booking to proceed. If they choose to not add any Guest Services, they can simply click Continue with Booking to proceed without adding and services.