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RoomKeyPMS Rate Shopper data shows the rates of your competitors and where you are positioned within your compset. These rates not only help you compare your rate against competitors, but it provides insight into your own rate movement.

  • RoomKeyPMS Rate Shopper now lets you know where you stand compared to the lowest rates in your compset.
  • Know the rate gap between you and your comps lowest rate average for a specific arrival date.
  • Look for opportunity to raise rate and increase ADR.
Sample Report

Our analytics show where you are priced versus your competitive set hotels in absorbing available rates on Third Party channels and is not directly integrated with your RoomKeyPMS data.  

Total revenue performance is not factored.  However, since most transient guests do some or all of their shopping for hotels on Third Party sites, these trends are valuable indicators to revenue strategies – both channel and rate.

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