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How to Reconcile Credit Card Transactions Processed Using RoomKeyPMS Payments


On each day you will need to reconcile all credit card transactions (RoomKeyPMS reports vs TranSafe I3 batch report)

  • Print the batch from the Transafe portal: Go to Batched – Settled Batches and select the batch from the day you are reconciling
  • On RoomKey print the “Transaction Register Balance” Report for the day you are doing the report: Reports - Financial - Transaction Register Balance – Summary
  • Under the Payment section of the report, the totals by payment type will be displayed. Use these totals to compare against the totals printed from you Credit Card Processor
  • If any totals are not matching on the reports, we then need to go through each transaction to see what one is missing. To do this, we could look at each of the Clerk Audits that were printed that day, or we can run the following: Reports - Financial - Transaction Register Balance - Detail - With Guest Names
  • Using this detailed view, compare the totals for the individual credit card transactions to the detailed report from the Credit Card processor. Using this method, it should be easy to identify the discrepancies between the two systems. In this example, the Credit Card processor's pre-batch report is short in VISA by $93.53. In the PMS, we can see that there are three reservations that have a payment amount of $93.53
  • The pre-batch report from the Credit Card Processor should show the amount of each transaction, the time the transaction was processed, and in most cases, only the last 4 digits of the Credit Card number. In the example below, the Card Holder Name is displayed, however your processor may not display that information. Consider too that the room may be under a different person's name. In this case, using the Credit Card number is the most accurate way to match up the transactions between systems. The report shows there are only two VISA transactions in the amount of $93.53, where as the detail report from the PMS is showing that we have three VISA Transactions in the amount of $93.53

To make corrections, you will need to post transactions “disabling the online processing” in RoomKeyPMS.

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