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Multi-Rate Package Breakdown


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This document refers to "Package" Packages ONLY.  In RoomKey, there are two different types of Packages: Package and Inclusion.  An Inclusion Package is designed to be quoted as a per day price; whereas a Package Package is designed to be quoted as a total price, for the total nights of the Package.  In this release, we have improved the Multi-Rate area display, to make it easier, when making a Multi-Rate Reservation.  

As mentioned, when booking a Package package it is designed to be quoted as a total price.  In RoomKey, we will often see the price on the 1st night is higher then the 2nd night.  This is because all the non-repeatable components will post on the 1st night.  In the example below, my Romance Package consists of 3 components:

  • Package Flowers = $15.00 per stay (will post on 1st night only)
  • Package Chocolates = $25.00 per stay (will post on 1st night only)
  • Package Breakfast = $15.00 per person per night (will post on both 1st AND 2nd night)

The Room Rate is $85.00 per night during the week therefore my first night, based on double occupancy, is $155.00 (85+15+25+30) and my second night is $115.00 (85 + 30).  Therefore the TOTAL Package Price = $270.00

Reservation - NEW

When booking a Multi Rate Reservation, we are unable to display the exact breakdown as above because we are unsure which date will be the guest's arrival date on the package.  Therefore, what we must display in the Multi Rates area under each day is the TOTAL Package Price for all included nights.  So, below, if we review the columns on the Multi Rate Available Rates grid:

  • Rates = Romance Package (this is the rate/package name)
  • Type = P (this indicates it is a Package Package where as I = Inclusion Package and R = Rate)
  • Nights = 2  (this indicates it is a 2 night Package and can only be booked for 2 nights.  If Nights = 0 it means the rate can be booked on any available date)
  • Avg Rate = blank (this field is blank for Package Packages because of the pricing structure but for all Inclusion Packages & Rates it will display the Avg Rate of that Rate Plan for the entire date range selected)
Custom Rate

We can see above that the Romance Package is a 2 night "Package" Package therefore, the price that we see under each date is the 2 Night Package Price.  So if I book Jun 8-9, the price for both nights on the Romance Package is $270 ($155 on Jun 8th and $115 on Jun 9th NOT $270 on Jun 8th and $270 on Jun 9th).

NOTE:  An "N/A" will be displayed on the Available Rates Calendar near the check-out date as, for example, a 2 night package CANNOT be booked on the last night of the guest stay.  So, in the example above, the Romance Package can be booked the 8th + 9th OR 9th + 10th OR 10th + 11th but it CANNOT be booked on the 11th as the guest will not be staying the 12th.

Once the dates for the Package are selected, we will see the proper Daily Rate breakdown in the Calendar below

Custom Rate

Note that the above breakdown we see in the Calendar matches what we would see if we were to just book the Package on a non-Multi Rate Reservation

One other thing to keep in mind is that the Base Room Rate for a Package can fluctuate and this fluctuation will also be reflected on the full package price.  In the example below, the Room Rate increases from $85.00 Sun-Thurs to $106.25 Fri-Sat.  Therefore we see the TOTAL Package Price increase starting on Thursday as selecting Thursday as the arrival date means the guest will be staying Thursday & Friday and the Room Rate increases by $21.25 on Friday.  This accounts for the increase in Package Price for a Thursday night arrival on the Romance Package (ie:  $270 + $21.25 = $291.25).

Custom Rate
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