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Troubleshooting RoomKeyPMS Payments


In the scenario a credit card transaction does not process correctly using RoomKeyPMS/TranSafe, the following list includes all the possible error messages with their corresponding definitions that will appear in the TranSafe window.

Error Message Definition
User canceled request
Reasons cards can be declined: Insufficient funds, Account is Closed, Payment is Past Due &  Account has been Flagged for Fraud
The card was removed before the end of the transaction
The other 2 matched the bin ranges of the respective shown credit cards and also passed a MOD10 check, however the issuer the transaction was directed to explicitly stated the card account referenced did not exist, so these too could be typos.
Guest did not enter correct PIN OR if this error occurs frequently on different cards then it may be issue with Pin Pad Setup which must be dealt with by TranSafe Support directly.  
There was a complete typo account number that didn't match a BIN range of a credit card
DEVICE_ERROR Could not open device:  Client not connected Check EMV device connection as cable may be loose or not plugged in.
Processing This occurs when the client has started an EMV Terminal transaction but before it is completed RoomKey is closed (ie:  power outage, offline error, computer crash).  Transaction was NOT completed in TranSafe or RoomKey and Payment Gateway Logs will show transaction in a "Processing" state as it did not have a chance to Approve or Decline.
There is an error in XML document (0,0).  Root element is missing
This error can occur if the client is running an older version of RoomKey.  Version must be or higher.
There is an error in XML document (1,1).  Data at the root level is invalid.  Line 1, position 1.  (Socket Error 1054:  Connection reset by Peer)
Communication error that can occur when using the EMV terminal to process transactions.  Can be for any of the following reasons: The remote server was stopped or restarted. The remote network interface is disabled for some reason. There are too many users logged on to the server. 
Cardholder name displays as "/" This was a fraud protection feature Visa implemented for contactless payments and was not limited to only contactless transactions. It may occasionally happen with swipe and insert transactions.   For more information on Contactless Security see the below articles from Visa & MC:
Authentication Failure - Payment form could not be loaded Please contact RoomKeyPMS Support to assist with this.
Token not in valid format This may result from switching from one CC processor to RK Payments. The existing tokens will be wiped prior to the switch, and if a user is attempting to use that token an error will be presented. 
Reconciliation Report - "Error.  An error occurred while processing your request" Please contact RoomKeyPMS Support to assist with this.
For other error codes that may not be listed above please CLICK HERE and proceed to page 54 of the UniTerm documentation.

The OLP tab within RoomkeyPMS will not display the IP tab or terminal tab or port as this payment gateway is cloud based. The terminals are setup by the RoomKeyPMS Customer Support Team and not on the RoomKeyPMS application.
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