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How to Set up Number to Sell

Number to Sell (NTS) allows you to dictate how many of this particular Rate Plan you wish to sell online. In this article we will show how to set up how to set up "number to sell" on existing Rate Plans over a specific date range. You may also add NTS restriction to an entire rate plan. Please see How to create a Rate Plan for further details.

NOTE: NTS restrictions is for eRes Online Booking Engine ONLY

Select the Rate Plan

System Configuration > Rate Wizard. Select the rate where you wish to set a Number to Sell restriction (ensure it is highlighted in blue) and click Next.

Updating your Rate Template/Grid

In the General Tab, uncheck Lock the Grid and remove the checks next to any Room Types that are not intended to be changed.

If all Room Types are to be affected, skip this step.

Select dates and channels for update

Next, select the date(s) where you wish to apply the Number to Sell restriction > Check the box next to NTS and input the Number to Sell Restrictions that you wish to implement > uncheck CRS & GDS as these are not applicable > Save

Confirmation of Change

A message will appear to confirm that you are making changes to the Number to Sell (NTS) settings. Hit OK to continue.

Confirmation of Change

Reminder of other Rates you may have Affected

If this rate is a MASTER RATE (ie: it has other rates tiered off of it) a message will appear to notify you that all rates tiered off this rate will update as well. Select YES to continue.

Reminder of other Rates you may have Affected

Check your Work

Next, proceed to the Rate Calendar to verify the change occurred. Use the Room Type & Rate Type drop down menu to locate an applicable Room Type & Rate Type that was affected by the change. In the example, the number 5 is in red, in the lower right corner:

Checking your work (con't)

By double clicking on one of the dates on the calendar, the Max NTS will also be displayed: