RoomKeyPMS Update - May 1, 2019

RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Property Availability Display

Added to several screens in the system, is the overall Property Availability; by displaying the overall Property Availability, it gives the clerk an immediate indication the the property is sold out, even though a Room Type may have availability.  The Property Availability has been added to Reservation form, Inventory Calendar, Group Block, and Wholesale Block area; for more information on this modification - CLICK HERE  

Embedded Web Forms

Allowing embeddable web forms so applications including the Housekeeping Scheduler and our latest purchasable add-on Profile Match and Merge can be launched directly. For more information about Embedded applications in RoomKeyPMS: CLICK HERE

Report Viewer Updates

Upgrades to our report tools, providing new features such as additional enhancements to the report viewer, new export options, improved editing controls. For more information about updates to our reporting tools: CLICK HERE

Overbooking Limits

The Overbooking Limits allows the Revenue Manager/Hotel Manager to set up an overbooking strategy based on historical No Shows, last minute cancellations, and last minute early departures => the ultimate goal is to optimize the chance to reach 100% occupancy while minimizing the amount of "walks" due to un-planned overbooking.  

For more information on setting Overbooking Limits and how it affects the availability displays in various areas of RoomKeyPMS, use the following documentation:

  1. Setting Overbooking Limits and optional configuration settings
  2. How to create a reservation with Overbooking Limits
  3. Group Block with Overbooking Limits Display
  4. Wholesaler Block with Overbooking Limits Display
  5. How to use Inventory Calendar with Overbooking Limits

Overbooking Introduction Video:

Learning about Overbooking in RoomKeyPMS

Tweaks and Defects

  1. On the Guest Services Tab => when modifying a reservation to add Guest Services => the tax calculation would sometimes appear wrong for properties that use compund tax => however, upon saving the reservation, the calculation would commit properly on the Confirmation to the guest; just the clerk view during modification was affected.
  2. For properties that use Credit Card Interface =>  clerks that have permission to delete Credit Cards, the system now allows the deletion of Tokenized Credit Cards
  3. For properties using Heartland Credit Card Interface - there were some instances where the tokenized card would not save properly and the clerk would have to re-enter the real credit card from the guest, this has now been resolved
  4. Some properties were experiencing a timeout when printing Reports => Statistics => Room Nights & ADR by Client Type, this report has been optimized to run faster
  5. When using New Res-Add on => if switching from a Rate Plan on the first reservation to a Manual Rate on the second reservation => clerk would receive an error message; this has been fixed
  6. For properties using Custom Fields => when adding a Share to a reservation, in some instances, certain custom data for the share would overwrite custom data of the master guest
  7. When using the New Res-Add on function from the Transaction menu => the guest info was not copying to the new reservation

Tweaks and Defects - Version 9.0 to Version 9.1

  1. Access Violation Errors - multiple properties had issues with the system getting an Access Violation Error; this had to do with Smart Files Backup updates, which is why the error was sporadic - this has been resolved
  2. Inventory data was not refreshing properly when clerk would select new date from
  3. Any addresses that were on 2 lines, where the clerk clicked the  return or enter on keyboard, would cause the Guest Folio to fail during printing
  4. Posting payments to different folios than Folio 1, would cause an error message
  5. When Printing the Inventory Calendar. the system would freeze due to a hidden print page
  6. The City Ledger Payment window could not be expanded to full screen
  7. When updating Rates in Rate Wizard, the Rate Name display and the Client Type display was not showing on the Rate Update screen; however, the rate update was functioning as expected
  8. On the GDS Linking Tables, the GDS linking table was not respecting sort order
  9. Res Id's were missing from the Rate Override Report
  10. Under System Configuration => Online Booking Promotions, the Description was getting cutoff on the eRes Booking Engine
  11. Ability to right-click on a checked out reservation and add a Travel Agent has been repaired
  12. Reports => Audits => OA Reconciliation Report => totals were missing from the bottom of the report
  13. For properties with eRes Images saved on the Room Types in Version 8.0, the system would freeze when going to the eRes Images tab