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Getting Started with RoomKeyPMS

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Welcome to RoomKeyPMS!

Our Property Management System can help you keep guest satisfaction high, while synchronizing across Front-of-House and Management Operations.

Accessing RoomKeyPMS requires an internet connection. If your internet goes down, you can use the Smart File Backup button from the Login Page to access emergency reporting

Front of House Operations

🔔 Guest Profiles, New Res, and Walk-In

These modules and functions are used to manage bookings throughout the guest life cycle

🌛 End of Day Reporting

These reports are used to track daily metrics; and the Rollover setting allows RoomKeyPMS to support both limited, and 24-hour front desk operations

Management Operations

💲 Rate Wizard

This module allows you to view/manage rate plans and pricing across multiple distribution channels 

📈 Corporates, Groups, Wholesaler, and City Ledger

These modules allow you to manage accounts, negotiated rates, allotments, and billing across multiple sales opportunities  

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