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RoomKeyPMS Client versioning and support

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RoomKeyPMS provides new versions of our client using a 4 point version number, for example "". This number can be found by selecting Help --> about from the RoomKeyPMS client.

The first number (in our example "8") is known as the Major release number. This will be incrementally changed when a significant change is added to the system such as new module has been released or system wide revision. 

The second number (in our example ".27") is known as the Minor release number. This will be incrementally updated when a functional improvement or update for existing features is being released.

The third and fourth number (in our example is known ".0.2") is know as the build or maintenance number. This refers to a release for bug fixes or to support minor incremental enhancements (e.g. a interface updates). Some versions may be for internal or special uses and therefore not every build version is released for general availability.

Note that not every release will have a both a Mac Version and a Windows version, but the release notes apply to both.

RoomKeyPMS releases are cumulative so the features and fixes provided in previous versions will also be included in the latest version. For more information on what has been included with a version, please review our release notes support page

Version Support

As of November 20th, 2018 to encourage properties to maintain their system with the latest software versions, we will be preventing versions older than (at least) 3 minor versions from connecting to the system. 

Besides the advantages of new features and bug fixes available with the latest release, properties that do not regularly upgrade their client may be introducing data inconsistencies and potentially corrupting their system data.

After this date, a property workstation that attempts to load an older version may instead be prompted with a message that they must upgrade their client before they can proceed to load the application.

Updating your Version

If your client is currently displaying the red ‘upgrade now’ bar, follow the directions to upgrade this client.

Alternatively, to download the latest version of RoomKeyPMS client, visit the RoomKeyPMS support site to download the latest version.

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