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How to Attach a Guest Service to a Room Charge Code

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For properties that are using Guest Services in the PMS, it is possible to attach a Per Room based Guest Service to a Room Charge Transaction Code, so that it posts nightly along with the Room Charge code.

In this article, we will be building a "Resort Fee" Guest Service, and attaching it to our "Room Charge" Transaction Code, so that it will post on a nightly basis along with the Room Charge.


In order to set up a Guest Service to auto post with a Room Charge transaction code, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure everything is set up correctly in the PMS.  We will review the steps in the following order of operations:

  1. Confirm that the Transaction Code the Guest Service will be based on, exists in the Transaction Code module. (If not, it will need to be created. Please see How to set up a Transaction Code for more information)
  2. Ensure the Transaction Code is set up to repeat as desired (Per Stay, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)  NOTE:  Only "Per Room" Guest Services can be attached.  This feature does not support "Per Person" based Guest Services.
  3. Confirm the Guest Service has been created, and the Transaction Code has been attached to it. If not, the Guest Service will need to be created.
  4. Ensure the Guest Service is set up to repeat identically to the original Transaction Code it is based off
  5. Finally, attach the Guest Service to the desired Room Charge Transaction code (in the Transaction Codes module)

1. Transaction Codes

The first step in the process is to ensure the Guest Service's base Transaction Code exists in the PMS.

Go to System Configuration > Transaction Codes and choose Other Charge from the drop down menu on the right.

1. Transaction Codes

2. Check the "Repeatable" Rules

With the "Resort Fee" transaction code selected, we need to ensure that it is set up to repeat on a daily basis, and is charged per room (NOTE:  Per Person is not supported).

2. Check the "Repeatable" Rules

3. Guest Services

With the Transaction Code set up as required, now we must check the Guest Service.

Go to System Configuration > Guest Services, and find the Guest Service in the list.

3. Guest Services

4. Ensure the "Repeatable" matches

  1. The "Resort Fee" Transaction Code was set to repeat daily, per room. In order for the Guest Service to post properly, it must also have the same "Repeatable" rule.
  2. Because there is a charge associated with this Guest Service, it must be based on a Transaction Code, so that when it posts, the PMS knows what to do with the revenue (as this refers back to the GL Accounts that have been attached to the original "Resort Fee" transaction code).

If all is correctly set up here, exit the Guest Services module.

4. Ensure the "Repeatable" matches

5. Attaching the Guest Service to the Room Charge Transaction Code

The final step is to attach the Guest Service to the Room Charge Transaction code. To do this, go to System Configuration > Transaction Codes.

  1. Select Room Charge from the list on the right
  2. Select the desired Room Charge transaction code at the top
  3. Choose the Services tab
  4. Click the Add button
5. Attaching the Guest Service to the Room Charge Transaction Code
  1. Click the Guest Service drop down list, and choose the desired Guest Service from the list. TIP: If you grouped the Guest Service into a Service Grouping, you can click on the Service Groupings drop down first, to help narrow the list of services.
  2. Click OK to add this Guest Service to the Room Charge transaction code

NOTE: The Segment# refers to the day you wish the Guest Service to post on (ie. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc..). In this example, because the "Resort Fee" is a daily posting, the Segment# will remain as the default, #1.

When complete, the attached Guest Service will appear in the list, and it's repeating function will show on the right.

The Guest Service is now ready to use on this Transaction Code.

Creating a New Reservation

Now that the "Resort Fee" Guest Service has been attached to the "Room Charge" transaction code, every time a new reservation is made using the "Room Charge" transaction code, the "Resort Fee" will automatically append itself to the reservation.

Creating a New Reservation


Upon Check-In, the Guest Service will automatically post to the folio, along with the Room Charge.

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