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The following article reviews the Reasons tab of the Property module. 

Proceed to System Configuration > Property > Reasons tab

From here you can add, modify and delete reasons for cancellations, early check outs, denials/regrets as well as rate overrides. 

Note: Once a reason has been used it is unable to be deleted, but can be made inactive

Cancel/Checkout Reasons

These reasons are used to track cancelled reservations or reservations that have checked out early.  You can have these reasons applicable for both, or either option. 

Results can be tracked using the Cancellation and Early Check out by Reason Report


These reasons are used for reservations that are abandoned prior to being confirmed. When adding a reason, you are required to select whether it is a denial or regret. A denial is where there is availability to accommodate the reservation, but it did not confirm. A Regret is based on there being no availability to accommodate the reservation. 

Results can be tracked using the Abandonment Reasons Report

Rate Override Reasons

These reasons are used when clerks use the 'enable rate overring' feature when creating or modifying a reservation. 

Results can be tracked using the Rate Override/Variance Report

To override a rate, the clerk must have permission 342 "Rate Override"

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