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How to Hide a Rate on Guest Reports using Client Types

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The following article explains how to hide a rate on guest reports such as Reservation Confirmation, Folios, and Registration Cards.  Applying the Hide Rate feature at the Client Type level will affect all Rate Plans that are attached to that Client Type. For this reason, there is also a Hide Rate feature on individual Rate Plans in the Rate Wizard, which allows more precise control of which rates to hide.  For more information on hiding rates at the Rate Plan level, please see the article How to set a Hide Rate on a Rate Plan in the Rates manual.

Using the Hide Rate feature on a Client Type

The Hide Rate feature is used to suppress a rate in cases where third party reservations and payments are being used.  The most common example of this is when prepaid "net rate" reservations are being received from an Online Travel Agent (OTA) such as Expedia. Typically in this scenario, the rate being posted to the guest's folio is "net", and does not include the OTA commissions that were charged to the guest by the OTA. This rate is usually paid to the hotel via a virtual credit card supplied by the reserving OTA.

To control the Hide Rate feature on prepaid OTA Rates at the Client Type level, it is best to create a Client Type called OTA Prepaid, and attach all prepaid OTA Rate Plans to that Client Type. For more information on attaching Rates to Client Types, please see the article How to attach a Rate to a Client Type in the System Configuration or Rates manuals.

In the Client Types module, select the OTA Prepaid Client Type, and click Modify.

Using the Hide Rate feature on a Client Type

Ensure the box next to Hide Rate is checked, and click Post to save.

Now all Rate Plans that are attached to the OTA Prepaid Client Type will have a suppressed rate. The rate will not show up on the Reservation Confirmation/Cancellation, Registration Card, or Guest Folio.

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