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How to Delete (or Deactivate) a User [ARTICLE ARCHIVE]

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Because users (clerks) are tied to the history of the PMS, once a profile has been used, it cannot be deleted. To remove access for a User, the profile must be deactivated. This allows the history to remain intact, but prevents further logins using that profile. The following article explains the process of deactivating a user in the PMS.

Deactivating a User

  • To deactivate a user's profile, proceed to the Clerks module via System Configuration > Clerks.
  • Click on the User to be deactivated (ensure black arrow is pointing toward their name)
  • Click Modify
Deactivating a User
  • Check the box next to Deactivate User
  • Click Ok to save

The User will no longer appear in the active Users list, and will not be able to log into the PMS.

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