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How to Setup Required Fields

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The following article explains how to set "Required Fields" on a reservation. This enables the PMS to force the capture of additional profile information during the reservation process.

When creating reservation for a guest, the default required fields in the PMS are First Name, Last Name, and Telephone. Other fields can be made mandatory by using the Setup Required Fields Module.

Proceed to System Configuration > Setup Required Fields

NOTE: If the Setup Required Fields option does not appear, it will need to be enabled for the Property. For more information on this, please see the article Required Fields Permission in the System Configuration manual.

The Customize Guest Profile Fields box will appear. This box contains a list of all the fields in the PMS that can be made mandatory when creating a reservation.

To enable a Required Field, double-click the check-box under the Required column. When finished, click Ok.

Now, when making a reservation, the PMS will prompt the user when a required field has not been filled out.

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