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Min Stay Tab

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The following article reviews the Minimum Length of Stay tab in the Property Module.

Note: This method is for hotel direct & eRes only. If using third party channels you will need to modify the rate plan/s

System Configuration > Property > Min Stay Tab

A property wide minimum length of stay may be set in this area. This is absolute; once set, a reservation cannot be overridden to have a length of stay less than the minimum set here. For this reason, it may be more advisable to set a Minimum Length of Stay on specific Rate Plans where there is more flexibility to override if needed.

To input a minimum length of stay:

  1. Click the Add button
  2. Use the drop down menu to select the Room Type to apply the Min Stay restriction to
  3. Click on the date under Date From and select the start date
  4. Click on the date under Date To and select the end date
  5. Enter the minimum number of nights that a guest may book in the Min Stay column
  6. Click Post

NOTE: If the property's minimum length of stay is one night, this tab does not need to be used.

System Configuration > Property > Min Stay Tab
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