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How to Create a New Room Type

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The following article reviews how to create a new Room Type and attach it to an existing rate plan in rate wizard. There are multiple steps required in order to complete this process:

  • Create the new room type in Room Inventory
  • Add the new room number/s to the new room type
  • Attach the new room type to existing rates in Rate Wizard
  • Add rates to the room types in Rate Wizard
  • If using packages, add the room type to existing packages

Creating a new Room Type

To create a new Room Type, go to System Configuration > Room Inventory, and click Add.

Creating a new Room Type

Starting on the Room Types tab, fill in the following information:

  • Room Type – Enter a room type code for internal use
  • Configuration – Select the bed configuration from the drop down menu, or type one in
  • Sleeps (max) – Enter the maximum amount of people that can be booked into this room type (NOTE: The PMS will not allow this room to be booked if the Sleeps max is exceeded. If Roll Away Beds are allowed in certain rooms, consider if that will affect this number. It is recommended to always put the absolute maximum number of guests per room, with additional bedding configurations in mind.)
  • Default Rate (Optional) – A default rate may be selected for a specific Room Type. However, it is advised that this field be left blank by default
  • Room Type Short Dscr – Enter the name of the Room Type as it will appear to guests; the name entered here will appear on Guest Reports such as the Guest Confirmation as well as on the eRes Mobile Booking Engine
  • Room Config – Select the room configuration from the drop down menu
  • Description – Enter the text description of the room type. This will appear on the eRes Booking Engine, and when right clicking on a room type when creating a new reservation
  • Description (second language) – Allows you to enter the text description in a second language
  • Web Res Available – Check this box to make this room available on the eRes Booking Engine
  • Sort Order – Allows setting of the order in which Room Types are organized in areas like the Reservation Window, Rate Wizard, and eRes Mobile Booking Engine. The suggested "Best Practice" is to order room types from least expensive to most expensive
  • House Room? – Check this box if this Room Type is to be used as a House Account Room Type
  • Set to Inactive – Check this box if you wish to make this Room Inventory Type inactive
  • CRS Limit (Optional) – Only for those properties using RoomKey CRS, this sets a maximum amount of this Room Inventory Type that will be bookable in RoomKey CRS.

When finished, click Post.

Go to the Rooms tab, select the new room type drop the drop downbox and click Add

Enter the room number & click Okay. Repeat this process for all additional room numbers for this room type.

Note: Letters may also be used as a room number

Attaching a new room type to an Existing Rate in Rate Wizard

Select the relevant rate plan and click the pen and paper icon -> more details -> select the channels that this room is to be booked through -> Apply -> Update

You will now need to proceed to add rates onto this room type in Rate Wizard. For further instruction on rates please see the Rate Module

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