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How to Create House Accounts

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The following article explains how to create a House Account Room Type, and add House Room inventory to the PMS.

House accounts (ie: Master Accounts) work on the same premise as regular rooms, but will not affect your room revenue statistics or inventory. However, for balancing and audit purpose you will be able to see them in the financial reports on the Transaction Register Balance.

To create House Accounts within the PMS, you must first create a House Account Room Inventory Type.

  1. Proceed to System Configuration > Room Inventory.
  2. Select the Add button located in the top right hand corner of the screen.

NOTE: The House Account Room Type only needs to be created once. If a House Account Room Type already exists and you simply need to add more House Account Rooms, please proceed to the Adding Rooms section of this article.

  1. Fill in information as shown below
  2. Click Post to save.

NOTE: If you prefer the terminology Master Accounts you may use this instead

Your House Account Room Type is now created. The next step is to attach Room Numbers (ie: Account Numbers) to the Room Type.

Adding Rooms

Select the Rooms tab and ensure the Room Types says House Accounts. If not, use the drop down menu to select the House Accounts Room Type.

Adding Rooms
  1. Ensure you are in the Room tab in the middle of the screen
  2. Click the Add button to add one room at a time, or click the Add Range button to add a series of rooms (ie. 9000-9010)

NOTE: When adding House Room Numbers, it is "Best Practice" to ensure they are numbered in a way that will not be confused with other rooms in your inventory. For that reason, it is recommended that a naming convention such as using the 9000 series of rooms be used to maintain the distinction from the rest of your inventory.

Adding One Room

Enter the Account Number you would like to use into the Room Number box below. Click OK to add the room. Repeat the process until you have as many Accounts as needed.

Adding One Room

Adding a Range of Rooms

It is possible to add a range of rooms, which saves time as all you need to enter is the first and last room numbers, and the PMS will add every room in between automatically, in an ascending numerical sequence. (NOTE: Alpha characters may not be used via this method, only numerical.)

Once done, click OK

Adding a Range of Rooms

Once finished, the House Accounts will now be displayed. It is important to ensure there are enough accounts to cover the maximum amount of groups you could possibly have In-House at one time. For example, if a property often has 10 different groups staying at one time, it is possible that all 10 groups may require House Account billing, therefore there should be at least 10 House Account Numbers (ie: Room Numbers) setup in the PMS.

Creating a House Account Client Type

It is advisable as a "Best Practice" to create a unique Client Type for House Account reservations. This prevents House Account bookings from getting mixed in with other Client Types such as Leisure or Corporate, on reports in the PMS.

  • Proceed to System Configuration > Client Types
  • Click New
  • Fill in the fields as shown below
  • Click Post to save
Creating a House Account Client Type

Making A House Account Reservation

Once the House Account Client Type has been created, reservations can now be made using the House Account rooms. To get started making a reservation for a House Account, click New Res.

Making A House Account Reservation
  • Choose the House Client Type
  • Set the dates for the reservation
  • Under the House Account Room Type, select Manual Rate and enter a rate of $0.00
  • Click Enable Assignment and choose the appropriate House Account Room Number
  • Click Book, and complete the rest of the reservation following regular procedures

A reservation for a House Account will look similar to this below.

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