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How to Change a Tax Code

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The following article outlines how to change a tax rate in the PMS.

When a tax is initially set up, a tax rate is established. However, Tax rates can change based on inflation or new laws. When a tax rate needs to be changed, new rates can be schedule to take effect on the designated start date.

NOTE: Tax changes must be setup at least by the night before the change. They cannot be setup the day the tax change occurs. Therefore, if your tax change is suppose to start March 22nd, you must setup the change prior to March 21st.

Go to System Configuration > Transaction Codes and proceed to the Taxes tab.

  1. To change a Tax Rate, select the tax you wish to change (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the tax)
  2. Proceed to the Tax Rate tab located in the middle of your screen.
  3. Select the Insert button to insert the new Tax Rate.

Fill in the following information:

  • Rate – enter the new Tax Rate
  • Date From – click on the box and use the drop down calendar to select the date you wish the new rate to START.
  • Date To – leave BLANK
  • IsPercent – check this box if the rate is a percent. Un-check if it is an amount.

Hit Post to save. The new tax will go into effect on the "Date From".

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