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Currency Rates Tab

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The following article reviews the features and functions of the Currency Rates tab in the PMS.

Currency Rates

The PMS has the ability to calculate a currency exchange, based on the rates that have been loaded into it.

NOTE: This is a currency exchange calculator only. Exchange Rates determined by the Hotel Controller must be loaded into the PMS manually, and monitored frequently to be kept up to date.

System Configuration > Property > Currency Rates

Add the currency type and the rate of the day using the Add button (or Modify an existing Currency Rate using the Modify button)

Currency Rates

Payments Using Currency Exchange

Currency exchange is available when posting a payment in the PMS.

Payments Using Currency Exchange

Select Cash as Payment. Enter the amount owing (in local funds) into the Amount box, and click the Currencies button.

The Currencies button is used to show how much Foreign Currency would be when converted into Local Currency.

  • Amount of Foreign Currency Presented by Guest - enter the amount of Foreign Currency the guest has given
  • Currency Presented by Guest - click on the button with the three dots to see a list of available currencies. Select the currency the guest is paying with

The PMS will convert the Foreign Currency into local currency, compare it to the original amount being posted, and calculate how much change is due in the local currency.  Once done, return to the Post Payment box, and finish posting the payment.

Since it is not possible to record the payment as Foreign Currency in the PMS, it may be helpful to update the Reference Field to indicate how much Foreign Currency was taken in on that payment.

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