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For properties that take payment up front or for long term rental properties, there is the option to set the Guest Folio to print Future charges.

Under System Configuration > Property > Preferences, is the Display "AdvInvoice" (Extended Stay) option.  Place a check in the box to activate this feature in the PMS.

This option will set the Stay option under Summary on the Guest Folio as the default.

The Stay option, allows users to see the charges that are “scheduled” for this reservation. In this example, today’s date is July 12, 2016 but we can see charges for July 13, 2016 and beyond.

When printing the Guest Folio, there are two options:

  1. It is possible to choose a date range of transactions to be displayed on the Guest Folio. This is useful if only printing partial dates of the stay for a guest.
  2. There is an option to put an amendment number to the Res ID. This way, you can set a new number for each date range you choose for the guest. In the example below, the guest is in-house for a month, but settles their account on a weekly basis. The dates set will print a prorated folio of the first 7 nights for payment.

On the print out, the charges for the next seven nights are displayed:

The next time the Guest Folio needs to be printed, the PMS will save the dates that were previously chosen, and the modification number entered for the Res ID.

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