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How to Email a Guest Folio to a Guest

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To email a Guest Folio, ensure the reservation you have selected has an email address on the Guest Profile, then click the Guest Folio button at the top of the screen (or select Reports > Guest Folio).

Select the Email button to email the guest a copy of their Guest Folio.

NOTE:  Before sending the Guest Folio you do have the following options:

  • Select Folio - The drop down menu allows you to select a specific folio to print. If you leave it at “0-All Folios” it will print the entire bill (excluding Folios 8 & 9)
  • Email - If the guest has an email address on their guest profile, it will populate in this area. You may then email the folio by clicking the Email button.
  • Email Type - You may select to email a Text version or an HTML version of the Guest Folio (NOTE:  HTML is preferred)
  • Attach HTML copy of Guest Folio? - Some email service providers will not display the Guest Folio information in the main email so you have the option to also attach the Guest Folio to the email as an HTML as a 2nd option for viewing the folio. This is recommended.
  • Zero Balance (Express Check-Out) - This feature can be used by properties that wish to slip a copy of a guest’s bill under their door the morning of departure. The Express Check-Out feature displays a “fake” payment on the Guest Folio using the Payment Method located on the Guest Profile.  If the guest agrees with the bill, they can simply sign the bill and leave it at the Front Desk as confirmation to place all their charges on the Credit Card on File.
  • Display Package Components - If a guest stayed on a package, this option will display the components of the package as individual line items on the bill. As the purpose of a package is to post all items as a single unit, this option is recommended for a property's internal viewing only, and in most cases would not be disclosed to a guest.

Once the email has been sent, the following message will appear if the email has been sent successfully.  Select OK to continue.

The guest will now receive an emailed copy of their Guest Folio and it will look similar to the Folio below.

NOTE:  Depending on the guest’s email service provider, the Guest Folio email may not display properly.  For this reason, an HTML copy should be attached to all Guest Folio emails so that the guest has an option to open the attachment which will display the folio exactly as seen here.

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