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The following article reviews the options found in the Preferences tab of the Property module.

Preferences Tab

System Configuration > Property > Preferences

  • Show Reservations for - the number entered into this area indicates the number of days of reservations you will be able to see when clicking on one of the View Screens (ie: In House, Arrivals, Departures, Reservations, etc…). If moving from one View Screen to another is slow, it could be due to the number of reservations being loaded. Lowering this number to 7 days can sometimes help the PMS move faster
  • Rating Code A custom feature designed for a specific client. To enable this function please contact the Support Team at [email protected]
  • Hide Unavailable Inventory – this function is recommended for Property Management Companies or properties using a 1:1 room to room number ratio. Checking this box hides inventory once it goes to 0.
  • Display Rates in Inventory Calendar - Check this box to have the inventory calendar show Client Types and Rates.
  • Copy Confirmation to Hotel – check this box to be copied on any email confirmations that are sent via the PMS.
  • Print Hotel’s Copy of Guest Folio on Check Out – checking this box tells the PMS to print two copies of a Guest Folio upon check out.
  • Business Number – used in Canada to enter GST Registration #. Ensure the same number is input into both fields as one number is tied to the Guest Folio and the other is tied to invoices within City Ledger
  • Currency – the default currency the property operates in
  • Default Number of Guests for Block - When making Group reservations via the Rooming List in the Groups module, set the default number of people per reservation.
  • Taxes (Out vs. In) – select Out if taxes are to be shown separately on Guest Folios (ie: a $12.00 charge with 5% tax posts as $12.00 and $0.60) and select In if taxes are to be included in the price shown on Guest Folios (ie: a $12.00 charge with 5% tax posts as $12.60). Most North American properties use the “Taxes Out” method.
  • Subscribe for: - This function is only available for Multi-Property Chains
    • New Guest Profile – check this box to share guest profiles among chains
    • Guest Profile Update – if checked, when one hotel updates a profile, the update will flow to all reservations throughout the chain
  • Print Master Folio – if checked, this allows you to merge separate Guest Folios (ie: Folio 1 + Folio 2) so they can be printed as one.
  • Auto Print Reg Card – if checked, the Reg Card will automatically open as a preview in the PMS upon guest check-in, as a reminder to print for the guest to sign
  • Disable Settlement CC Process A custom feature designed for a specific client. This function, when checked, tells the credit card interface NOT to settle a credit card at check out. It is recommended to leave this box unchecked
  • Auto Logout (20min) – if checked, the PMS will automatically log off after 20mins of inactivity. An important security feature necessary to remain PCI compliant, and it is recommended that this box be checked.
  • Tran Code for Bad Debt A custom feature designed for a specific client. This feature works specifically with weekly & monthly rates. When a guest departs without settling their bill, this Transaction Code is used to settle the bill to a zero balance. It is not recommended that this box be populated
  • Time Zone - The time zone in the PMS should be set to the same time zone the computer is set to, to remain in sync. If the time zone set here is different from that of the computer's, a "Time/Date Error" will appear in the PMS, preventing the performance of numerous tasks
  • Default Avail. Credit – This feature works best when using an interfaced credit card processor. When authorizing a guest credit card upon check-in, an additional % amount can be set to automatically authorize for incidental charges - enter the desired percentage amount here. The Amount authorized for incidentals will be a % of the guests' full stay room + tax. For non-interfaced systems, this will affect the "Credit Limit" assigned to a guest upon check-in, however the same amount will still need to be manually approved via a standalone credit card terminal to ensure money is actually being held.
  • Default check-in time – The property's standard, guaranteed check-in time
  • Default check-out time – The property's standard check-out time
  • Default Number of Persons - When making a new reservation, the default number of people to appear on the reservation. (Tip: Setting this number to 0 will encourage Reservations Agents to accurately record how many people are on the reservation, as rates will not appear until at least one person is added)
  • Default First Month of the Year - The property's start of the fiscal year (this feature aids with year over year reporting in the PMS)
  • Display Contracted Block in Grp/WS Modules - For properties using Contracted & Washed blocks. Allows the "Contracted" block figures to be entered into the Groups & Wholesaler Modules.  These figures cannot be reported via any existing reports, therefore the use of this feature is optional.
  • Display Washed Block in Grp/WS Modules - For properties using Contracted & Washed blocks. Allows the "Washed" block figures to be entered into the Groups & Wholesaler Modules.  These figures cannot be reported via any existing reports, therefore the use of this feature is optional.
  • Disable Authorization at check-in –  For properties that take full payment (vs. an authorization) upon Check-In. If using a Credit Card interface, this feature will prevent the interface from automatically obtaining an authorization at check-in. For non-interfaced systems, this feature will prevent anything from being added to the guest's "Credit Limit" in the PMS.
  • Email GS Vendors – If checked, this options allows emailing a copy of a guest confirmation to Guest Services Vendor, if the Vendor has an email address added under System Configuration > Guest Services > Vendor. NOTE: The Vendor must be attached to the Guest Service for the email function to work.
  • Rotate Rooms? - Designed for properties with individually owned units and Owner's Accounting.  This feature allows rotation of rooms based on the revenue they have incurred and is mainly used by Property Management Companies that must rotate rooms to ensure all Owners receive an equal distribution of stays in their Units.
  • Delete old Tasks/Messages – This option is tied to the Message Center (Operations > Message Center). Messages in the Message Center can remain for 30, 45 or 60 days before being deleted.
  • Display "AdvInvoice" (Extended Stay) - For properties that take payment upfront or for long term rental properties, there is the option to set the Guest Folio to print for Future charges. This allows the printing of folios by a specified date range. For more information on this feature, please see the Advance Invoicing article in the System Configuration manual.
Preferences Tab
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