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How to Setup Custom Fields

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Custom Fields are used to collect additional guest information. Once created, these fields will be available to use when creating a new reservation or editing an existing reservation. These fields will also appear in the Guest Profile module when creating a new guest profile or editing an existing guest profile.

Because Custom Fields are part of a Guest Profile, these fields will appear on a Guest Profile Export and can also be used when creating custom reports in the Report Wizard, such as the Report Example 8: Custom Fields Report. Custom Fields are exclusively used for guest profiles and cannot be generated for Corporate Accounts, Wholesaler Accounts, etc.

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How to Access & View the Setup Custom Fields Module

To Access the Set Custom Guest Fields Module

  • In the System Configuration menu, select Setup Custom Fields

The following features appear in the Setup Custom Fields Module:

  1. Main Screen: displays a list of all custom fields with their assigned sort order
  2. Function Buttons: allow the user to Add one or more custom fields and Post or Cancel any changes made
How to Setup Custom Fields

In the Setup Custom Fields Module

  1. Select the Add button
  2. Enter the Custom Field Name and Sort Order (optional) into the field provided
  3. Select the Post button to save this change and close the module

Repeat Steps 1 & 2 to add multiple new custom fields, then use Step 3 to save them all at once.

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