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Restricting PMS Access by IP Address [ARTICLE ARCHIVE]

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The following article explains how to restrict a user's ability to log in by limiting their access points to certain IP Addresses.  This setup is completely optional, but provides an additional security feature to the PMS. It is not required, and will not impair the User profile if setup is omitted.

IP Addresses

It is possible to restrict the IP Addresses that a user can log into the PMS from. This is useful in preventing staff from logging in while off property.

  • On the IPs tab, enter the IP Addresses of the computers that the user is allowed to access the PMS from. After the IP Address has been entered, click Add.
  • Repeat this step until all necessary IP Addresses have been added to the list on the left

NOTE: Any questions regarding IP Addresses at the property should be directed to a System Administrator, not the PMS Support Team.

IP Addresses

Once all necessary IP Addresses have been added to the list, click Post to save.

To remove an IP Address, select it in the list and click Delete.

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