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Transaction Code Permissions

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The following permissions are related to the Transaction Codes module, and can be assigned or removed for a user's ID via the Clerk module.

System Configuration > 850 – Transaction Codes – Standard Setup

  • Property, Owner & Accountant level permission
  • When given, allows the user access to the Transaction Code module in the PMS (System Configuration > Transaction Codes)

System Configuration > 853 - Transaction Codes - Delete GL Accounts

  • Owner & Accountant level permission
  • When given, allows the user to remove the mapping to General Ledger Accounts that are attached to Transaction Codes
  • NOTE: This permission should only be given to the person(s) responsible for setting up Transaction Codes in your system. Deleting the GL mapping for a transaction code should ONLY be done if the code has never been used.  If you are changing an existing code's mapping instructions, do not delete the original instructions, as anything that was posted through this code prior to the current date will become "unmapped" revenue in the PMS, and will cause an imbalance in your General Ledgers. If the mapping is deleted, you will need to contact our Customer Support to have the code "Backdated" by our Development Team, which can take some time to process.

Below is an example from the Clerks Module where these Permissions would be found.

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