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How to Download RoomKeyPMS for MAC

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The following article provides instructions on how to download RoomKeyPMS on to a MAC.

  • If there are previous versions of RoomKeyPMS that have been installed, begin with Step 1.
  • If RoomKeyPMS is being installed for the first time, proceed directly to Step 3.

Step 1: Uninstall any previous versions of RoomKeyPMS

Open Finder by clicking on the Finder icon located on the taskbar, access Applications from the menu to view all applications installed on MAC, locate the  RoomKeyPMS application and drag to the Trash bin.

Note: Depending on the previous version(s) of RoomKeyPMS installed, the application may be labeled as "RoomKey by RSI" or other. If there are multiple versions of RoomKeyPMS previously installed, delete all versions on the MAC before proceeding.

Step 2: Delete trace of any old versions of RoomKeyPMS

MAC keeps a trace of previously installed applications and any associated files and folders will need to be removed in order to allow a new version of RoomKeyPMS to work correctly. To remove these files and folders select Go from the menu bar then select Go to Folder.

Type in the following into the search field under Go to the Folder: ~/Library/Application Support

Select Go.

Locate any folders associated with previous RoomKeyPMS applications, right-click, and select Move to Trash. Repeat this step if you see multiple folders or files associated with RoomKeyPMS.

Step 3: Download RoomKeyPMS (MAC Version)

Access the RoomKeyPMS download form at or click here.

Enter the password provided by support into the password field then select Submit.

A .dmg download file will launch. If Safari prompts to allow downloads from, select Allow to proceed.

The download file will appear in the Downloads folder, double click to launch the RoomKeyPMS installer.

Once the RoomKeyPMS installer is launched, click on the RoomKeyPMS icon and drag to the Applications folder.

The RoomKeyPMS application will install on to the MAC.

The RoomKeyPMS application is now installed on to the MAC. To access RoomKeyPMS, click the Launchpad, then navigate to the RoomKeyPMS icon. Double click the RoomKeyPMS icon to launch the application.

The first time the RoomKeyPMS application is launched, a pop-up window may appear, click Open to proceed.

The RoomKeyPMS login screen will appear. Enter login name and password to access RoomKeyPMS.

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