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How to Stop Sell a Room Type

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The following article reviews how to Stop Sell a specific Room Type on eRes via the Room Inventory module

Note: This method is for hotel direct & eRes only. If using third party / GDS channels you will need to close the rate/s or add a maintenance block to close out rooms. 

Stop Selling Room Inventory

  • Go to System Configuration > Room Inventory > Stop Sell tab.
  • Choose the desired Room Type from the list
  • Click Insert
Stop Selling Room Inventory
  • Enter the start of the Stop Sell in the Date From
  • Enter the end of the Stop Sell in the Date To
  • Enter the # of Days Out that reservations are permitted
  • Click Post to save
  • Repeat above steps for any other Room Types that the Stop Sell applies to

In the below example, the Stop Sell period is for 7 days (April 18-25). The # of Days Out means that within that 7 day period, the earliest date a reservation could be made for would be at least two days out from the current date.  For example, if a reservation was made on April 20th, the earliest date it could be made for is April 22nd, thus holding the 2 days out policy in effect.

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