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How to Download RoomKeyPMS for Windows

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Install RoomKeyPMS

**PLEASE NOTE: there is a new download Password***

Click on link:

Enter the following password into the "Enter Download Password:" box and then select the “Submit” button to begin downloading RoomKey:

Windows Users:  roomkeypms@______________

      (your server name)

**If you are unsure of the server you are on please contact RoomKey Support:

Follow the prompts to download RoomKeyPMS.  You may see some or all of the following screens pop up, continue to click “RUN” or “NEXT” to all prompts in order to download.

On Windows Defender, click More Info => click Run Anyway (this window may not appear depending on your computer's setup):

Click Next:

Click Install:

Click Finish:

To ensure that RoomKeyPMS is fully displayed on your screen, please ensure that the scale in your Display Settings is set at 100%.

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