RoomKeyPMS Update - June 12, 2019

RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Overbooking Limits on eRes Booking Engine

In Update, we introduced the new Overbooking Feature within RoomKeyPMS; in this release, is the ability to apply Overbooking Limits to eRes Booking engine.  This can be activated by going to System Configuration => Property => Preferences => check the "Respect Overbooking limits on eRes" option:


Payment Integration Portal Shortcut

For properties using a Payment Integration, a shortcut to each integration's portal has been added within RoomKey PMS => available on Shift 4 (pictured below), Merchantlink, and Heartland Payment Processing:

Tweaks and Defects

  1. Ability to send Invoice or Statement emails from City Ledger was broken on the release of version 9.0 - issue has now been resolved
  2. Reports => Statistics => Room Occupancy and Revenue Report - some properties were getting an error message about a "floating point value", issue has been resolved
  3. There was an issue when modifying a reservation and viewing the Multi-Rate display, when booking Packages that has been resolved => the Rates on the Reservations and Confirmation displayed the proper information to the guest
  4. When using Print all Guest Folios on the Departure screen, the clerk was being prompted to select printer for each folio being printed; this has been fixed so that once the printer is selected at the start of the process, that printer will apply to all folios being printed
  5. In Version 9, the share icon was not showing on the Group Rooming list - this is now fixed
  6. On the Journal Entry Report on Version 9, the Printer Setup icon was missing; this has now been added back onto the reports
  7. For properties using a Credit Card interface, when using Disable Online Processing on checkout, the Activity Log was showing "false" that the box was checked; this has been fixed so that if the clerk clicks Disable Online Processing on Checkout, it will say "true" in the Activity Log
  8. For properties using Merchantlink CC integration, some clerks were trying to post a negative amount to Guest Folio Credit Limit in order to reduce the original authorization; Merchantlink does not allow reductions in authorizations, thus the negative amount was being added to the original authorization =>  RoomKeyPMS will now display the error message "Original authorization cannot be decreased"
  9. When using a Manual Rate and changing a reservation, the Manual Rate was not showing in RoomKeyPMS => the rate was still saved to the reservation and on the confirmation; issue with the display has been resolved
  10. On Smart Files Backup, the Inventory Option was showing an error due to the Overbooking Feature released last update; this issue has been resolved
  11. Reports => Audits => Room Audit, this report now requires the property to set a Default Rate under System Configuration => Room Inventory.  By selecting a Default Rate, such as BAR, the property can get a 5 of Potential Revenue statistic
  12. On the SiteMinder Interface, Travel Agent IATA numbers were not flowing properly into RoomKeyPMS, this has been fixed
  13. Reports => Segmentation Report Detail - the sub-totals for each grouping were not updating for each grouping
  14. Operations => Groups => Reports => Group Rooms Control required a fix to the formatting of the grid lines
  15. Reports => Confirmation Reminders - there was an error when trying to setup the Confirmation Reminders, this issue has been resolved
  16. For some properties, when using charges on payments, the payment was not recalculating to include the surcharge
  17. When attaching a Travel Agent to a Reservation using the shortcut menu, a fix had to be implemented that would allow a clerk to add a different Travel Agent to a reservation
  18. On folios where the clerk enters in an extra long reference, Word Wrapping had to added to the Guest Folio print so that it would not "bleed" into the next line