Clerk Permissions List

The following is a list of all the permissions and their functions in the PMS. Using the Permissions tab of the Clerks Module, these permissions can be Granted or Revoked to create a custom set of permissions for each user of the PMS.


The following list of PMS Permissions is broken out by category (Guest Management, Operations, System Configuration etc...)  

Within each category, the Permissions are further broken out as they apply to either the Property overall or to the Main User Role such as an Owner, Clerk or Accountant.  

Property permissions can be found under System Configuration > Property > Permissions tab. These permissions turn features on or off for the property, and the availability of some Main User Role permissions are dependent on this setting. It is recommended to configure the Property permissions first, then configure the permissions for the Main User Roles.

In relation to the Main User Roles, the permissions are indicated as either:

  • = Enabled by Default (when the corresponding user role is selected)
  • = Disabled by Default (when the corresponding user role is selected)
  • NA = Not Available to that user role

NOTE: The permissions highlighted in dark grey are no longer valid, and can simply be ignored. Granting or Revoking them will have no effect on the user, as the permissions are defunct.

Import Export Permissions

Guest Management Permissions

Operations Permissions

System Configuration Permissions

Reservation Management Permissions

Reporting Permissions

Reservation Selection Permissions

Travel Agent Permissions

Wholesaler Permissions

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