How to Post a Deposit

In this article we will learn how to post a Deposit.

Post Deposit box in a new Reservation

If the PMS is setup to take a deposit automatically at the time of reservation, you will notice during the reservation process that the “Post Deposit” box will be checked and the amount required as a deposit will appear next to the “Amount” box.

Deposit will appear in folio

Once the reservation is created, the deposit will appear on the Guest Folio.

Pre-set Policy options for your Hotel

The amount required for the deposit will depend on how Management has setup the Policy Settings in your PMS (System Configuration -> Policy). The deposit may be:

  • Based on a specific number of nights room + tax
  • Based on a percentage of the total room + tax for the guests stay
  • A specific fixed amount • Based on the 1st nights room + tax plus the cost of any Guest Services attached to the booking

**Please speak to your Manager to learn more about how your PMS Deposit Policy is setup.

If your Hotel does not automatically take Deposits at the time of Booking

If RoomKey is not setup to automatically take a Deposit at the time of reservation, but you need to post a deposit on a specific guest reservation, then the “Post Payment” button may be used at this time.

How to post payment on an existing Reservation

First, locate the guest reservation where you need to post the deposit using the F3 Search Key or your Advance Search feature.  Once you have located the guest reservation, select the “Post Payment” button at the top of your screen. If the guest has a credit card on file, the Payments box will pre-populate with the guests credit card information.

NOTE: If the guest does not have a credit card currently on file, you may manually enter the credit card details by first selecting the correct PmtCode Transaction Code(ie: Visa, Mastercard, etc…) and then entering the credit card details. Ensure tocheck the “Post CC Info into Guest Profile” so the credit card information entered is then attached to the Guest Profile for future reservations.

How to post payment on an existing Reservation

Enter amount for the Deposit

Enter the amount needed for the deposit into the “Amount” box below and select “OK/Exit” to post the deposit to the Guest Folio.