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How to Book a Reservation with Multiple Rates

In this Article we will show how to book Multiple Rates in your PMS

Your PMS gives you the ability to apply two or more different rates to one reservation.  Multiple rates may be used when a rate change is necessary during a guests stay.  In this example, the guest wishes to stay for 4 nights (Thurs – Sun) and wants to book the Romance Package (which is a 2 night package) for the Friday/Saturday night. Therefore when creating the reservation the rates need to be as following:

  • CAA/AAA Rate for Thursday night
  • Romance Package for Friday/Saturday
  • CAA/AAA Rate for Sunday night.

Select the “New Res” button at the top of your screen to begin the reservation process.  Next, select the appropriate Client Type, Arrival/Departure Dates and number of Adults/Children. Press the “Refresh” button when done to upload your rates & availability for the dates selected.

Select (Image 1) the “+” sign next to the desired Room Type to display a list of available rates (1).    

Next, (Image 2) click on the rate that will be your default rate so that it highlights in blue. The Default Rate is the rate that will appear as your Master Rate for the reservation. NOTE: A Package Package (which has a set # of nights) cannot be selected as a Default Rate as the package limitations fall outside the reservation settings (ie: Our Romance Package is a 2 night package and therefore cannot be a default for a booking for 3 or more nights).  In this scenario, the Default Rate will be the CAA/AAA Rate

After (Image 1) you have clicked on your default rate (it is not necessary to check the box beside the rate, but if you do, select the + sign again to reopen your rates) select the Multi Rates icon located to the left of the Rate column.

Once in the Multi Rate Module (Image 2), you will see the default rate you selected appear in the top left hand corner of the screen. As of right now, the default rate is the rate set for all 4 nights of the stay. This is reflected in both the “Picked-up Rates” column and in the calendar below.

The next step is to add the other rates that you wish to apply to the reservation. The “Available Rates” column displays a list of all the rates available for the selected Client Type and Room Type (Image 1).

Click on the rate in the Available Rates list (Image 2) that you wish to apply. In this example, the nights of the 5th and 8th will be on the CAA/AAA Rate, and the nights of the 6th & 7th will be on the Romantic Rendez-Vous Package. Since the CAA/AAA Rate is the default rate, it has already been applied to the nights of the 5th & 8th, therefore, you only need to update the nights of the 6th & 7th to the Romantic Rendez-Vous Package. To begin, click on the “Romantic Rendez-Vous” package in the list of Available Rates (the package will highlight in blue)


Next, double click (Imag 1) on the date where you wish to apply the Romantic Rendez-Vous package (NOTE: If the package is a multiple night package, ensure you double click on the 1st day where the package will apply. In this example, double click on the 6th as the package will apply to the nights of the 6th & 7th)

The Add/Edit Rate box will appear. Fill in the following information (Image 2):

  • Rate – if you made a mistake and selected the incorrect rate you can use this drop down menu to select the correct rate.
  • Start/End Date – select the date range for this rate to apply. If it is just for one night, the start & end date will be the same. In this example, the Romantic Rendez-Vous is a 2 night package therefore the number of nights has to be 2.
  • Color – you can select a color to go along with this selection and this color will be reflected in the calendar.
  • Override Rate – check this box if you wish to override the rate to a different rate.  You would then enter the new rate into the “Value” box.
  • Default Date Rate – check this box if you wish for the Override Rate to apply to the same dates appearing at the top of the screen. Otherwise, select the date range where you wish for the override rate to apply.

Once you have finished select the “OK” button to apply the selected rate to the selected date range.  The Romance Rendez-Vous Package is now selected for the nights of 6th & 7th (Image 1). You can  see the rate selected in the calendar below.  And you can also see the change reflected in the “Picked-up Rates” in the top right hand corner of the screen (Image 2).

The “Remove Selected Rate” button can be used to remove any Mutli Rates that are displayed in the Picked-up Rates window.Once you have finished entering all your Multi Rates, select OK to continue.

The reservation will now show the “CAA/AAA Rate” as the Default Rate and will reflect the Multiple Rate changes on each individual date.

The reservation will now show the “CAA/AAA Rate” as the Default Rate and will reflect the Multiple Rate changes on each individual date.