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The Pick up/Pace Report provides a detail breakdown of the hotel's monthly pick up by day in terms of Room Nights, ADR, Occupancy and RevPar.  It also provides the booking pace by comparing figures with the previous year.

If you do not have access to Roomkey InSight B.I. Reporting or are unsure of the URL required to login please contact RoomkeyPMS Support.

Once in the Pace Tab, a brief explanation of the report will be displayed.  Click on "Annually Growth Comparison Report"

The Pick-up Report will be displayed at this time. Select the desired hotel if you have access to multiple hotels, select the month you wish to run. 

The Pick-up Report can be exported to Excel, Image, PDF or Word Format.  Simply click on the drop down menu next to "Export", select the desired format and click on "Export". 

To see Pick-up Report for other months, select the month from the drop down menu, then click "Update Report"

See Report Details below:

  1. Look up Date  Each Pick-up report reports room nights, revenue, pick-up and pace by date
  2. Room Nights Total room nights OTB (On the Book) on that day
  3. Room Nights Pick-up  Number of room nights that have increased or decreased from the previous day
  4. (Room nights for Date X on Date Y  Room nights for Date X on Date Z) Date Z <Date Y
  5. Occupancy % - Hotel occupancy on the day (Total room nights / Total rooms available)
  6. Revenue  Total Room Revenue for the day
  7. Revenue Pick-up  Revenue increase or decrease from the previous day
  8. ADR  Average Daily Rate for the day (Total room revenue / Number of rooms occupied)
  9. REVPAR  Revenue per available room for the day (Total room nights / Total rooms available)

Same data from previous year is also displayed in this report.

The Pace section of the report compares the current year’s Room Nights, Revenue, ADR and REVPAR with last night.  In order to calculate pace properly, the hotel must have used RoomKey for minimum 1 year.

Note: This report is currently in a BETA testing phase so should you notice any discrepancies with these reports or have any feedback please email [email protected]  

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