How to increase an In House Guest's Credit Limit

Updated Sep 02, 2020

This article explains how to increase a guest's Credit Limits while "In House".

Locate Guest on In House screen

To increase a guest’s Credit Limit, first locate the Guest on the In House Screen

Open Guest Folio Credit Limit

With the correct guest selected, go to Transactions -> Guest Folio Credit Limit.

Enter Additional Credit

Enter the additional amount of credit that you would like to place on the Guest Folio into the box located to the right hand side of the “+” sign.

Enter Additional Credit


Select "Post" to apply the additional credit.


Review New Credit Limit

The Guest Folio will no reflect the total credit (Credit Limit), as well as any additional credit (Available Credit) they may have to cover other incidental charges.

Review New Credit Limit

The Folio "Summary" View

  • Balance - Reflects the sum of current charges on the Guest's Folio
  • Credit Limit - Reflects the total Credit Limit (including additional credit obtained)
  • Available Credit - Reflects additional Credit over and above the sum of any current and scheduled charges on a Guest's Folio. NOTE: If you are using a Credit Card Interface with the PMS, this is additional money held as an Authorization on the Guest's Credit card, and unless used during their stay, will be released upon check-out.
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