Upselling vs. Upgrading a Room Upon Check-In

Updated Sep 02, 2020

The following article explains the difference between performing a complimentary upgrade and upselling a guest, and outlines the steps for each process.

Upselling versus Upgrading

What is the difference between Upselling & Upgrading?

  • Upselling :€“ when you sell a higher room type to a guest for a higher price. For example: Mr. Smith originally booked a Standard King Room and upon check-in agrees to pay an extra $50.00 per night for the Deluxe King Room.
  • Upgrading :€“ when you move a guest to a higher room type for free. For example: Upon check-in you learn it is Mr. & Mrs. Jones's€™ Anniversary, and you decide to complimentary upgrade them from a Deluxe Room to an Executive Suite.

How to perform an Upsell during Check-In

If you are upselling a guest, ensure to click on the appropriate guest reservation (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct guests name). Either double click on the Reservation, or select the "€œChange Res"€ button at the top of your screen.


Uncheck the checkbox under the "€œBook€" column.

Updating Reservation

If you need to make any changes to the Arrival/Departure Date or number of people do so at this point. Next, select the "€œRefresh"€ button to upload the available inventory & rates.

In this example, Mr. Marshall was originally paying $110.00 per night for a Standard King guestroom (SK) but has agreed to pay for an upsell to a Deluxe King (DK) at a rate of $135.00 per night.

NOTE: For reporting accuracy purposes you should avoid always avoid using Manual Rates if possible.

Next, check the appropriate Room Type box in the "€œBook"€ column and then select OK to complete the change.

The guest will now appear with the new Room Type & Rate and you may proceed with the check-in as normal.

How to perform an Upgrade during Check-In

If you are complimentary upgrading a guest during check-in, you can do it directly within the Check-in Box.

  1. Ensure to click on the appropriate guest reservation (ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the correct guests name)
  2. Select the "Check-In"€ button at the top of your screen.

Viewing Available Rooms

Next, check the "€œShow All Available Rooms" box in the top left hand corner of the screen and then click the [...] button located to the right of the room number drop down box.

Viewing Available Rooms

Choosing a new room

A list of all available rooms for every room type will appear. Locate the Room Number & Room Type that you wish to upgrade this guest too. In this example, we will be upgrading Mrs. Hartley to room 301 (EKS).

NOTE: This box also shows you the Housekeeping Status of each of the guestrooms.

  • Green - Inspected
  • Yellow - Clean (but not Inspected)
  • Red - Dirty

Select the OK button to change the guest reservation.

Choosing a new room

Check In

The Check-In screen will now reflect the selected Room Number. Proceed to select the €"Check-In"€ button to continue the check-in process.

Check In

We can see that Mrs. Hartley is now checked-in to room 301, which is the upgraded EKS room type but yet her rate has remained the same, $135.00 per night, and did not increase when we changed her room type.

Before Upgrade:

After Upgrade:

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