How to Post a Payment

Updated Sep 02, 2020

The following article explains how to post a payment to a folio.

Note: the same process can be followed to process a refund by posting a negative amount

Locate the Reservation

To post a payment to a guest folio, ensure the black arrow is pointing towards the guest who you wish to post the payment too and then select the Post Payment€ button.

The Payments box

Next, enter the following information:

  • Folio: select the folio number where you would like the payment to post. You may select to create a new folio number from this drop down menu or select an existing folio number.
  • PmtCode: select the appropriate Payment Transaction Code that corresponds with the payment you would like to post.
  • Disable on-line processing: will show if you are connected to a payment processor.  This allows a payment to be posted to a folio, but will NOT charge the credit card. See disable on-line processing for more information
  • Reference: the reference area will automatically populate with a description of the Transaction Code you selected. You may replace or add any text you wish into appear in the Reference Field.
  • Card #: if the guest is paying with a Credit Card you would enter the card number here. If the guest is paying by Cheque, you can enter the cheque number here. This field will not populate if the guest is paying by Cash.
  • Authorization: (Optional) this field is used to record the "AUTH" code generated from a stand-alone credit card machine. If your property is using a credit card interface, this field is not required.
  • Expiry Date this field only appears when the guest is paying with a Credit Card. Enter the Credit Card expiry date.
  • Select from Credit Cards if the guest has an additional Credit Card attached to their Guest Profile, you may click this button to select one of the other Credit Cards as the method of payment
  • Card Holder this field only appears when the guest is paying with a Credit Card. Enter the name found on the Credit Card.
  • Amount the amount owing on the Guest Folio will automatically populate in this field. You may change this number if you wish.

Tip: If you are unable to change the Amount located in the Payments box it is because you have the Clerks Operations Permission 1536 called Restricted Payments. Speak to your manager about removing this permission from your Clerk Login ID.

The Payments box

Posting the payment

Once the appropriate information has been entered, select OK/Exit to post the payment to the Guest Folio.

NOTE: You can select OK/New is you wish to post a 2nd payment right away without 1st returning to the Guest Folio.

Posting the payment

Viewing the Payment

The Payment will now appear on the Guest Folio.


Payments, both negative & positive, appear as €œCredits€ under the Summary Area.

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