How to View a Guest Folio

Updated Sep 02, 2020

The following article explains how to use the Guest Folio view in the PMS.

Locating the Correct Folio

To view charges that appear on the Guest Folio, first locate the Guest whose folio you wish to view (ensure the arrow is pointing towards the appropriate guest) and then select the Folio tab.

NOTE: Room Charges will not appear on a Guest Folio until they are checked in. The most you would see on upcoming reservations is an Advance Deposit Payment.

The Folio Views

The drop down menu to the left of the screen allows you to view different Folio Views.

Folio 0 - "All Folios" View

A guest folio can have many different folios.

Folio 0 displays an overview of all charges found on the guest folio with the exception of Folio 9.

Folios 1-6 and 10+ - The Guest Folios

Folio 1 to 6 and 10+ Folio 1 displays the charges for the main guest found on the reservation. Folio 2 to 6 and 10+ are usually used to place charges that belong to any other guest(s) that are sharing the room, but can also be used to separate a guest's bill (for example: a guest may want their Room & Tax charges on Folio 1 and their Incidental charges on Folio 2). If you select folio 2, the display screen will only show charges that belong to Folio 2.

NOTE: Folio 7 is not an available folio in the PMS due to programming reasons.

Folio 8 - Third Party Payments & Direct Bill

Folio 8 displays charges that are being taken care of by a Third Party. These charges will either be transferred to a City Ledger (Direct Bill) Account or a House Account upon checkout.

Folio 9 - Reversals

Folio 9 displays all charges that have been reversed off the Guest Folio

The Buttons

  • Refresh this button is used to update the Guest Folio so you can ensure you are looking at all the most up to date posting.
  • Select this button can be used to highlight multiple postings at once so you can move them all at one time.
  • Move this button is used to move a charge(s) to a different folio number.


The column to the far left with the question mark identifies changes that have been made to the Guest Folio.

Adjustment Icon

This symbol indicates that an adjustment has been made to this line

Adjustment Icon

Trash Can Icon

This symbol indicates the corresponding adjustment that has been made

Trash Can Icon

In this example the first line, "Breakfast Package" is the original posting, and we can see it has been adjusted. The second line "Adjustment BREAKY" indicates the amount of the adjustment.

Enabling the "Do Not Show Adjustments" option in the Folio Appearance Settings will allow the folio to only show the net amount of the posting and applied adjustment.

Transfer In

This symbol indicates that a posting has been moved/transferred on to the guest folio

Transfer In

In this example, we see a charge that was transferred from another folio to this one. Here we can see that this charge was transferred from the folio of Hess, Kyle ResID 1078, Folio 1.

Folio Appearance

The appearance of the Folio can be customized by going to Transactions > Folio Appearance.

  • Do Not Show Transferred Transactions - Check this box to hide the line showing "Transfer Out" from the originating Folio's view. The "Transfer In" icon will still display on the destination folio, to show where the charge originally came from.
  • Do Not Show Reversed Transactions - This option was designed for an older version of the PMS, and is no longer applicable.
  • Do Not Show Adjustments - Check this box to hide the separate line postings for adjustments. When this option is off, the folio will display the original posting on one line, and the adjustment on another. When this option is enabled, the folio will show the net amount of the original posting and any adjustment to it, all on one line.

Package Icon

The 2nd column with the folder icon indicates that the posting is part of a Package. Packages postings include the Room & Tax, plus any applicable components of the package. They all post together as one line-item on the folio.

The Folio Headers

The next set of columns display the postings to a Guest Folio.

  • # - indicate the Folio Number of the posting
  • Date indicates the date the posting was made
  • TCode indicates the PMS Transaction Code that corresponds with the posting
  • Description shows a detailed description of the posting
  • Amount the base amount for the posting
  • Tax the corresponding tax for the amount posted
  • Total the base amount + the tax amount
  • Voucher displays any Voucher Numbers that were entered into the Post Charges screen while posting a charge in the PMS.

Summary View

The Summary screen to the far right gives you an overview of the charges posted to the Guest Folio.

  • Room Charge: total Room Charges (both positive & negative)
  • Other Charges: total Other Charges (both positive & negative)
  • Tax: total Tax for all charges (both positive & negative)
  • Total: the total of all Room Charges, Other Charges and Taxes
  • Credits: total Payments (both positive & negative)
  • Balance: when the total appears in black, it is the amount the guest owes us. When the total appears in red (or brackets around it), it is the amount that we owe the guest.
  • Credit Limit: the guests total credit limit
  • Available Credit: displays how much additional credit does the guest have to go towards incidental charges

"Now" versus "Stay" view

At the bottom of the Summary box are the radio buttons Now andStay.

  • Now displays only the current charges that are posted to the guest folio.
  • Stay displays all current charges + any projected future charges that will be posted to the guest folio, including any scheduled Guest Services. This allows you to see an estimate of what the final bill will be (pending no additional incidental charges).

TIP: It is very important that you go back to your Now view when finished to avoid any confusion when looking at a Guest Folio.

"Now" versus "Stay" view
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