Room Audit Report

Updated May 09, 2016

The Room Audit Report provides a snapshot of the current day's inventory, and is sorted by room number. It is best to run this report just before or after midnight in order to get a more accurate snapshot of the day.

Reports > Audits > Room Audit

The report includes:

  • Room (Name, Type and Status)
  • Date (Arrival and Departure)
  • Res ID
  • Persons
  • Default Rate
  • Room Rate
  • Room Charges
  • Other Charges (ie. Phone, Movies, Food & Beverage)
  • Tax
  • Payments
  • Payment Method (on file)
  • Balance Due (less Payments)

NOTE: Any names that appear in italics are overstayed reservations, and should be dealt with immediately (ie: checked-out or stay extended)

When would I use this report?

  • Used to help perform bucket checks, comparing information in the PMS to the Registration Cards in the bucket, and verifying such things as room numbers, room status, payments etc...
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