Segmentation Report Detail (for Client Types)

Updated May 11, 2016

This report breaks down Client Type segmentation. It breaks down bookings based first on Client Type, then by Room Type and then again by Rate Plan. It provides the revenue and room nights produced by each Rate Plan for each Room Type by Client Type.  The Segmentation Report Detail also provides the total room nights & revenue by Client Type as well as the total room nights & revenue for the property for a select time period.

Reports > Statistics > Segmentation Report Detail

The report includes:

  • Client Type
  • Rate Plan
  • Room Nights
  • Room Type
  • Revenue
Reports > Statistics > Segmentation Report Detail

At the end of the breakdown for each Client Type, the report shows a total of how much Room Revenue & Nights were booked on each Client Type.

At the very end of the report, it shows Total Room Revenue & Total Nights for all the Client Types combined.

When would I use this report?

  • This report can be used to help determine where manual rates were used, enabling the property to ensure accuracy of market segmentation.
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