RoomKeyPMS Version 9.0 Launch

RoomKeyPMS Enhancements

Embedded Web Forms

Allowing embedded web forms so applications including the Housekeeping Scheduler and our latest purchasable add-on Profile Match and Merge can be launched directly. For more information about Embedded applications in RoomKeyPMS: CLICK HERE

Report Viewer Updates

Upgrades to our report tools, providing new features such as additional enhancements to the report viewer, new export options, improved editing controls. For more information about updates to our reporting tools: CLICK HERE

Tweaks and Defects

  1. On the Guest Services Tab => when modifying a reservation to add Guest Services => the tax calculation would sometimes appear wrong for properties that use compund tax => however, upon saving the reservation, the calculation would commit properly on the Confirmation to the guest; just the clerk view during modification was affected.
  2. New Res Add-on => when the clerk would right-click on the reservation and select New Res Add-od => the reservation would copy as expected => if the clerk, click on the reservation and went to the Reservations menu to click on New Res Add-on, the guest information was not being carried over to the copied reservation
  3. For properties using Custom Fields => when adding a Share to a Reservation => and if "Store Profile" checked for the share => if Custom Fields are updated on the Share, it would overwirte the Custom Field answers on the Master Guest