Wait List Report

Reports > Reservations > Wait List Report

This report will list all the Wait List reservations in the PMS for a selected period of time. NOTE: Maximum range for report is 31 days

The Wait List Report shows reservations based on the date the reservation request was made (For example: on Oct 2nd Mr. Smith calls to make a reservation for Oct 15th. The hotel is sold out on Oct 15th a wait list reservation is created. When the Wait List Report is run for Oct 2nd, Mr. Smith’s name will appear.)

The report sorts by Reservation Date, then by Date In (Arrival Date).

The report includes:

  • Res ID
  • Room Type
  • Rate Code
  • Rate
  • Guest Name
  • Client Type
  • Source of Business
  • Reservation Date (the date the reservation was made)
  • Date In (arrival date)
  • Date Out (departure date)
  • Deposit
  • Room #

When would I use this report?

This report can be used to help keep track of the guests that are waiting for a room to become available at a property. The Res. Date (reservation date) can be helpful in determining the order in which reservations were received, and who is first in line for a room when inventory opens up.