Tape Chart Report

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This report is a printable view of your Tape Chart. It pulls the information based on reservations that have room numbers assigned to them. This report can be printed one day at a time and will show up to 7 days out. The Tape Chart Report cannot be printed for past dates.

This report sorts by Room Type and then by Room Number.

Report Includes:

  • Room Type
  • Room Number
  • Room Status
  • Guest Name
  • Reservation Status (see Legend at the bottom of the page to identify reservation status)

When would I use this report?

  • This report helps to easily identify any holes created when blocking
  • For properties that do not clean all rooms every day (ie: they "carry over" rooms), this report may be used by Housekeeping to help determine what rooms can be "held over" for cleaning. NOTE: This will only work if all rooms for all guests are pre-assigned for the upcoming week.

NOTE: This report should NOT be used to determine availability, as reservations will only appear on the Tape Chart Report after a room number has been assigned. To determine true availability when making new reservation, the Room Inventory Calendar (F12) should be consulted.