Unbalanced Folios Report

This report shows a list of checked-out guests who still have a balance remaining on their account.

NOTE: Maximum range for report is 1 year.

Reports > Audits > Unbalanced Folios

Unbalanced Folios can cause discrepancies in the Receivable Accounts of the PMS, and therefore should be dealt with each day.

For more information on clearing Unbalanced Folios, please consult the article Unbalanced Folios (Pre Rollover) - *Mandatory Task* in the Night Audit Manual.

The report includes:

  • Res ID
  • Room #
  • Guest Name
  • Date In (arrival date)
  • Date Out (departure date)
  • Balance

When would I use this report?

  • This report should be run several times a day to ensure that there are no accounts in the PMS with outstanding balances.